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  • When are your services?
    We have a weekly Worship Service Sundays at 11am. If you're coming just for this service, it is best to enter through the front doors on the far right, closest to the road. You will be greeted in the parking lot and in the front doors by our greeters and guided into the facilities and the sanctuary so there's no guesswork or awkward feelings in your visit. Additionally, we have En Gedi (based on the freshwater spring with the same name by the Dead Sea in Israel) Sunday nights at 6pm as a more informal time to be reminded of the rest that God brings those who seek him. This gathering has an extended worship time with an informal time of teaching.
  • What should I expect if I come to your Worship Service on Sunday?
    In our Worship Services, we read and preach from the Bible, pray together, sing together, and have times of reflection together. Our services typically last about an hour and a half on a given Sunday. As a first-time guest, you will be welcomed by greeters at the door and by a volunteer working at the Welcome Center desk in the foyer, but you will not be called out individually during the service. At the end of each service we do have a time of response to the preached message when some people choose to come to the front of the sanctuary to pray. Additionally, you will not be asked to give of your money at any point in the service as a visitor. Our goal is to be a gracious host in whatever way possible and we want to come alongside you on your spiritual journey!
  • What is En Gedi?
    En Gedi is the name of a freshwater spring located in the desert near the Dead Sea in Israel. It is featured in the Bible as a symbol of God's faithfulness to His people when they had no other way to have life. Our Sunday evening (6pm) gathering is named after this place because it has a similar purpose apart from our Sunday morning Worship Service - to be filled up with God as He offers himself freely to us.
  • Why does your church exist?
    We exist for the community of Fairfield, Ohio, and her wellbeing. We believe that Jesus Christ is the solution for all of our problems as people, and we want the community of Fairfield (with its surrounding areas) to know just how great Jesus is. Because we are followers of Jesus, we primarily exist to glorify God and enjoy Him as one people, and we want to make Him famous in everything we do.
  • What do you offer for my children?
    We have programming for all children during our Sunday morning Worship Service and on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm so that they could be spiritually nourished and invested into as people. All of our volunteers are background checked and there is often more than one volunteer with a group of kids to ensure safety and thriving for all involved. We believe that children are not the "next" generation but rather the current generation, and we know that they can make a great impact on the world by being who they are as God has made them.
  • How should I dress?
    You will fit into our crowd in a wide variety of dress styles. Some of our people wear jeans and t-shirts while others are decked out in full suits and dresses. Overall, our Worship Services are a casual atmosphere and you will be made to feel welcomed in whatever attire makes you comfortable for the occasion.
  • What are LIFE Groups?
    We believe that our faith is something that shoyuld be worked out throughout the week and not just on Sundays. Because of this, the culture of our church is very active throughout the week primarily through LIFE Groups. These groups are informal small-group gatherings that go through different studies depending on the group. Visit our Next Steps page ( to be connected with a group today!
  • Where do I enter your building?
    On Sunday mornings at 9:30am and Wednesday nights starting at 5:30pm, we enter through the Family Ministries Center (the new-looking building with the glass exterior). Many of our LIFE Groups and our children's and youth ministries meet at these times and can be more easily accessed through this entrance. For our Worship Service (Sunday at 11am) and En Gedi (Sunday at 6pm), we meet in the Sanctuary and enter through the historic entrance to the building facing out toward Pleasant Avenue.
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